The 6-foot movement

The bigger picture

Aura Aware is on a mission to make the six foot society a pleasant one. We believe technology can support society to come together- at exactly the right distance.

Aura Aware creates tools that help to keep the 6-foot distance. Not by locking-up or creating physical barriers, but by preserving awareness, causing alertness, and offering a third eye, which respects social distance. 

We understand and hope that our company and tools will be obsolete in the near future. But that doesn't mean we should give in on quality, usability, sustainability, or any other value we would subscribe to in normal times.

We understand that the need for tools could be bigger than any company could produce in the limited time available. At the same time, companies are struggling because regular business is diminishing. We believe we can create a bridge between these two realities. That's why we introduce the 6-foot movement.

The 6-foot movement

The goal of the 6-foot movement is to offer meaningful business to companies in distress, to preserve jobs so businesses can get through this. The impact may be peanuts in the grand scheme of things, but many peanuts make excellent peanut butter.  

Call-out for production & trading companies!

If your company can produce (parts of) any of the Aura Aware products or your company could support in assembling Aura Aware products, we want to invite you to join us on our journey.

What we expect:

- Subscribe to and follow the values as defined in our mission statement

- Commit to minimal production capacity

- Commit to our quality standards

We will provide:

- In-depth blueprints of all parts of the product and production process

- Exclusivity to market segments, if needed, to create a sustainable business

- Components and semi-manufactured products at cost-price

- A technical support desk that can support to adapt the technical designs to limitations in your factory

- For small manufacturers, we can provide working capital

- Protection against unauthorized 'copy-cats’

Aura Aware will calculate a license fee based on volume and market, that we will use to create new products, marketing and to protect the interest of connected companies.

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