The smart distance awareness device is a convenient reminder to your employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing. Staying 6 feet apart simply doesn’t come naturally.  


Elegant and smart. Works straight out of the box. 

A clear warning. So that you can focus on providing great service. 

Keeps you safe. Allows you to stay informed and your business to stay open. 

Easily Remind People to Maintain a Healthy Distance

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During a crisis you can build a hardware product in under three weeks, prove Trylikes and Harver.

They came up with a new device that helps companies to mantain distance between visitors and employees. The first ten thousand units are nearly sold out.


Entrepreneurs are entering new markets.

Not all entrepreneurs who are seeing their revenues disappear or drop are passively awaiting better times.


The Aura Aware alerts you when you're coming too close.

The Aura Awre is a new product that can help us find our way in the 6ft society. The device turns red and starts beeping when you're coming too close.


Keeping 1.5 metres distance is easier with this device created by a Dutch company.

How can you ensure customers and service desk employees maintain sufficient disctance? The Amsterdam-based company TryLikes invented and created a sensor-device that warns when people come too close to each other.


Dutch Prince about AuraAware

Dutch Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau about Aura-Aware smart distance awareness device on TV.

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Meet the Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19.

Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19 is a new initiative to showcase the startups which contribute to the fight against the coronavirus through their services and products.


Aura Aware: the laser keeps the customer at a safe distance

Safe at the counter. No scotch tape on the floor, yet everybody in the queue keeps at 1.5m/6ft from the counter. The Aura Aware uses a smart laser for that.



One smart device in multiple designs. Sleek, discreet and effective. Volume discount starts at 500 Aura Awares. 

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Use cases

Queue management

Make customers aware of the required distance while waiting in line. 

Distance Awareness

How far is 6 feet actually? Give your customers a way to adapt to the new normal.

Employee protection

Make sure your visitors keep the required distance to your employees



Inter IKEA - Marco Swaen

"For us Aura Aware is a great solution to make sure our employees
feel safe while working and our customers remain at a safe
and healthy distance while visiting."

Katja Stello - Head of Marketing & Customer Experience, Wereldhave

"At Wereldhave we use Aura Aware at The Point (the service desks in our shopping malls) and at the reception at our headquarters. A stylish tool that provides a friendly reminder towards employees and customers to maintain the recommended healthy distance of 6 foot."

Marco Knuist - Director Facilities Europe, Cognizant

"As European Facility Management inside Cognizant we want to create a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment for our people and guests. Aura Aware helps us to ensure that our people and guests are kept at a safe distance from our reception staff so that the risk of possible contamination is as reduced."

  • Let's fight this together. Stay safe.

  • Aura Aware. Your smart distance awareness device.

Let's fight this together. Stay safe.

Aura Aware. Your smart distance awareness device.

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